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All About Masai Mara, Kenya

You know about the annual wildebeest migration, right? This is the event that makes Masai Mara (or more simply, the Mara) to be Kenya's most popular safari attraction. The event takes place between June and October every year. At that time, hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - of wildebeest move as one large herd from Serengeti national park in Tanzania, into the Masai Mara, as they look for pasture and water. The gnu are accompanied by thousands of Zebras and other plain animals, with predators like lions and leopards trailing them waiting for the chance of a quick meal.

The wildebeest migration is so spectacular that it is considered one of the most spectacular natural events of the modern world. Some of the most interesting scenes of the migration take place when the animals cross the rivers in the Mara and the Serengeti. 

Masai Mara Safari Packages
You can visit the Masai Mara by picking any of our below popular safari packages that feature the Mara:

Hotels and Lodges in Masai Mara

  Mara Simba Lodge (4 Star Hotel)

  Salas Camp (Luxury Safari Lodge)

  Mara Leisure Camp (Tented Camp)