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Tropical Valley Tours and Travel Affiliate Program

About Our Affiliate Program

Tropical Valley Tours and Travel is a tours and travel company specialising in Eastern Africa travel. Through our website, clients can book travel services to all destinations in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda). These services include tours and safaris, hotels, airline tickets, and rental cars.

Our affiliate program makes allows participating web sites to earn commissions for all bookings resulting from the web traffic they refer to us. If you are accepted into the affiliate program, all you will have to do is to place the affiliate links to our site, on your website. We use advanced tracking software to monitor all traffic coming from your website. If any visitor who came from you purchases any of our services, we will give you a commission equivalent to 30% of our net revenue.

Joining is free. Once we approve your application, you will have access to an affiliates member area, through which you can get the affiliate links and banners to place on your site. The affiliate member areas also enables you to see your reports, including visitor referrals, any resultant sales, and earned commissions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising system where one (or more) website(s) - the affiliates - agree to place text ads and/or banners linking to another website that sells services of products. The affiliates earn a commission when the traffic they refer to that website result into a sale or a lead.

Types of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs generally fall into any of the following three categories:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per Lead
  • Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Click:
Affiliates get paid an agreed fixed amount for every click on their affiliate links.

Pay Per Lead:
Affiliates get paid an agreed fixed amount for every enquiry/lead that came from traffic referred by their affiliate links.

Pay Per Sale:
Affiliates get paid a commission (an agreed percentage of the sale) when the traffic they refer to the selling website make an actual purchase.

Our affiliate program is a single-tier, pay per sale program.

Terms and Conditions of Participating in Our Affiliate Program

  • You agree to only use ethical means to promote the program. We do not condone spamming of any nature (including sending of unsolicited bulk mail).
  • For all purposes, you are an independent contractor, and not an agent or employee of Tropical Valley Tours and Travel.
  • The clients you refer to us become our customers. You earn a commission for the purchase they make.
  • You are free to withdraw from the affiliate program at any time, without giving us any reason. All you will need to do is to remove all our affiliate links from your website, and notify us of the same so that we also remove you from our system.
  • We retain the right to terminate your participation in the program if we find that you have engaged in unacceptable and/or unethical practices, or if we deem that your continued participation in the program is detrimental to the reputation of Tropical Valley Tours and Travel. We will always notify you by email when we have to take such action.

How to Join

If you'd like to join, sign up HERE, verify your email address. We will send you an email once admin approves your application. You can also request to join the program by sending us an email to marketing (at) tropicalvalleysafaris.com. We will review your application, and if approved, send you the login details to your affiliate member area.