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Just a few years ago, not many people considered Tanzania as a great African safari destination. The country was overshadowed by its Northern neighbor - Kenya - which is rightly regarded as the home of the African safari.

Yet Tanzania has some very fine national parks and game reserves that guarantee you a safari experience that matches, and in some cases surpasses that in Kenya. The Serengeti national park for example, is today one of the most popular game park in Africa. This vast reserve is the starting point of the world-renowned wildebeest migration.

Other great safari attractions in Tanzania include the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara national park, and Tarangire national park, all which form part of the Tanzania's northern Safari circuit.

Southern Tanzania too has many interesting wildlife destinations among then the Selous game reserve and the Ruaha national park.

Besides wildlife safaris, Tanzania is a great destination for adventure holidays, with Mt Kilimanjaro climbing being one of the most popular holiday activity in Africa.

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