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Information on Kenya Travel

Kenya is where the concept of an African safari was born. The country is endowed with such an incredible variety of wildlife and nature which, in earlier days, lured mainly the rich and famous people to come and experience the true African wild. Today, the country still remains one of the most popular destinations for wildlife safaris in Africa, but is more accessible to all kind travellers, regardless of budget.

What is there to see in Kenya?

Wildlife: The country has over 50 national parks and game reserves, each endowed with a rich variety of wild animals.

Landscape: Kenya has an incredibly beautiful landscape and land features, making it a great destination for scenic tours. Some notable scenic sites include the Great Rift Valley, Mt Kenya, Kyulu hills (also known as Chulu hills), among many others.

People and Culture: One of the most celebrated African cultures is the Masai culture. Many Maasai people live in Kenya. Besides the Masai, all Kenyan cultures have something interesting and unique to enjoy.

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